How can I get in touch with Sleek Still Scottish Water?

You can get in touch with us using the contact form or give us a call.

Is the Sleek Still Scottish Water bottle reusable?

Yes, when Sleek Still Scottish Water was created, this one of the most important aspects of our product and future products. We will do anything in our power to push for a cleaner environment.

What steps are taken by Sleek Still Scottish Water to benefit the environment?

When the concept of Sleek Still Scottish Water was created, we swore to never use plastic water bottles as they are rarely reused by the consumer, and can be harmful to our health due to some chemicals used in the production of plastic bottles.

Is there any possibility for Sleek Still Scottish Water use any plastic bottles in the future?

As mentioned in the above question, we swore to never use any plastic bottles because of the harmful effects it has to our planet and health.

What is special about the Sleek Still Scottish Water source?

The source for Sleek Still Scottish Water comes from deep within the Scottish Highlands from the mountains of the Cairngorms National Park. From this almost desolate area, the water is pure and mostly untouched by man.

Why is water only within the Cairngorm National Park in Scotland used?

We want to remain within one area of the Scottish Highlands, in which we can guarantee exceptional quality to our consumers.

At what locations is the Sleek Still Scottish Water bottle found?

Please check our Distributors & Retailers section of the corporate section for more information on this topic.

Can Sleek Still Scottish Water sponsor me or my organisation?

We are always interested in sponsoring organisations that share the same brand values as us, please contact us through our contact form to get in touch with us.

What bottle volumes does Sleek Still Scottish Water offer?

At the moment we only offer our 750ml bottle, we will have various volume sizes in the near future.

Why drink Sleek Still Scottish Water?

Aside from the medical benefits of drinking water, Sleek Still Scottish Water is one of a kind, an extremely limited amount of locations can reproduce the quality of water we provide from our origin. Responsibly sourced and handled, our water is carefully taken care of to insure no contaminants get in during the extraction and bottling process, including the waste of this pristine resource.