Sleek Still Scottish Water LLC Privacy Policy

Written: 28/5/2017 |  Last Updated: 28/5/2017

Welcome to the Sleek Still Scottish Water LLC website, a taste of rarity. This Privacy Policy information is in regards to the collected information through our website, web pages and other contents. Please read the full Sleek Still Scottish Water LLC Privacy Policy. By using the website you are agreeing and understand this Privacy Policy. The Privacy Policy on this website will explain how we might gather information, use gathered information, share it with others and use your gathered information for marketing activities.

Information Gathering

As every visitor is a welcomed guest we might ask to gather some information from you. The information gathered could be used to get in touch with you or to help better identify you, for example your name, email address or telephone number. If you do not want your information collected then do not submit it. Regarding the use of cookies on our website and third parties involved with us, we use cookies to gather information in which we use to make your visit to our website more accustomed to your personal taste, such as what offers would be more appealing to you.

Information Usage

The information that you provide to us is used for many different purposes, the most common usage of your information is to respond to any enquires. Another usage of your information is for marketing purposes to help better understand our consumers, including our marketing campaigns. We may use your information for other purposes in which you provide your agreement.

Information Sharing

Other than this Privacy Policy we at Sleek Still Scottish Water LLC will not give any of your information to any third party without your agreement. We might on occasion share non personal information, as for example demographic information, usage information and enquires that address a certain complaint or issue. While visiting any of our social media accounts, we might interact with your accounts if any public enquire has been made through it. Any issues that might arise by interacting on social media websites with your account, will not be held against Sleek Still Scottish Water LLC.  If you request anything from us in regards to information or services then your information and any information you disclose is subject to the Privacy Policy. We might share you information in the above stated situations.

Some of your information might be shared with our other members in the group of companies Sleek Still Scottish Water LLC is controlled by or involved in.

Legal Disclosure: If required we might share your information with third parties to comply with the legal obligations of Sleek Still Scottish Water LLC, only when the law truly requires it.

Third Parties & Information Gained

There is the possibility that we might gain information from you, from third parties. If you are on a particular website or social media account that you have opt-in to receive information from us, that third party might send us your information. If you choose on your own free will to take part in any third parties through social media accounts for example, any comments or other related social interaction allows us at Sleek Still Scottish Water LLC to gather this information.

Individuals Under 18

For reasons of protecting the private information of minors is extremely important to us, none of our services are directed or targeted to individuals below the age of 18. We do not knowingly share or collect any information of individuals below the age of 18. If any information has been collected by Sleek Still Scottish Water LLC unknowingly we will do our utmost to remove collected information. If you are an individual under the age of 18 we respectfully request that you do not use or access the website or any affiliated social media account of ours in any manner.

Referring Sleek Still Scottish Water LLC

Sleek Still Scottish Water LLC might allow you to share our products or services through many different social networking platforms. If you have referred a contact through your either email or any other method, we might collect the information of the referred individual. Referring us through social networking platforms places you under the subject of the privacy policy of the networking platform in use.

Information Security

The information Sleek Still Scottish Water LLC is allowed to collect is taken seriously and guarded within our organization intensely. We take strict measures to prevent the theft, alteration or misuse of your information. You must understand that we cannot fully guarantee security of information that you share with us and that we save. We will not be held accountable for any information that might be leaked, stolen, altered or misused from our data.

External Websites

The Sleek Still Scottish LLC website might contain links to third parties that are affiliated with us that we do not own. The links that we might contain on our website involve partners that use our logo for both co-marketing and co-branding reasons. Other similar purposes for partners involved might be the purpose of sites selling our products or services. Sleek Still Scottish Water LLC is not in control, endorse or recommend any content, products or services of third-party sites, including their privacy policies.

Privacy Policy Updates

This Privacy Policy is subject to change by the addition or removal of information provided. The changes to the Privacy Policy can happen at any time and with no notice to you. We ask that any visitors to our website to take a look at our Privacy Policy to see if any changes have taken place.


If you any questions to enquirers of any sort please feel free to contact us regarding this Privacy Policy. We are always glad to hear from our consumers or interested individuals of our brand.