Apart from being a pristine Scottish table water, Sleek is the perfect water to drink alongside Scotch whisky. Scotland is a land that creates a water so pristine that it’s no wonder why the whisky is marvelous. Many Scotch whisky consumers don’t drink it without water, either by the side, slight splash to open the flavour or to just dilute it. Either ice or water is used to dilute and open the flavour. What other way to dilute or open the flavour then with the same water it’s made with? Sleek is the best water to drink with Scotch whisky, while keeping your Scotch purely Scottish.

With having a remarkable water, we needed a bottle that did it justice. The Sleek bottle design was born from pure creativity and endless hours of constant changes to insure it would bring out a unique physical look, apart from the saturated bottle design. With the help of experienced and talented French designers, we were able to complete a design that was perfect to represent the brand, and its values. Sleek Still Scottish Water is all about creativity and quality, our product resembles this. From our water to our bottle it is easily seen as a product of quality design, doing justice to the beauty of the Scottish Highlands.

Whisky is for drinking and water is for fighting over

Mark Twain

More than just a table water, the perfect partner for any Scotch whisky