Sleek Still Scottish Water started out as a dream and vision for a Scottish premium water bottle brand. Sleek Still Scottish Water was not only created to be a premium water bottle brand, but a water to go with and complement any Scotch whisky. With many Scotch whisky consumers using water, to either dilute or open the flavor of a Scotch, only Scottish water should be used for this delicate process.

The Scottish water market was missing a bottled water with a stylish, luxurious and eye catching design capturing Scotland as a whole. Scotland having one of the most pristine sources of high quality water and a history few can match, deserved a real premium water bottle brand, a product that represented the true quality of Scotland. Before Sleek Still Scottish Water existed, Scotland had no water bottle brand that truly captured the whole of Scotland, complementing its pristine nature and history.

Before creating the unique brand and bottle design, a long, 2-year process of building Sleek Still Scottish Water took place in secret. It took two years of market research and manufacturing research to bring Sleek Still Scottish Water into reality. Water tasting of many sources in Scotland was included in this research, done to insure which area had a better tasting source. Creativity and passion were the true beginnings of Sleek Still Scottish Water, from a vision, to a reality, providing the best from Scotland to the world.

The Gyrfalcon

The reason the Gyrfalcon was incorporated into our logo is because of what the Gyrfalcon represents, its exclusivity. The Gyrfalcon is the most coveted falcon in the world today, this was the case even back in the middle ages. The Gyrfalcon was a falcon only seen with nobles or royalty during the middle ages, as a prized hunting bird. As of today the Gyrfalcon still represents exclusivity and wealth. In some parts of the world the exclusivity and love of Gyrfalcons is extreme, with a Gyrfalcon being purchased for the same price as a house.

In Scotland the Gyrfalcon is a bird of prey that is difficult to spot, even though it’s the largest type of falcon. The Gyrfalcon usually spends its time wintering and hunting in the mountains and coasts of Scotland, the gyrfalcon is even known to rest on Scottish offshore rigs in the North Sea during its long voyages in Northern/Arctic Europe.

The Gyrfalcon does not really have one native country but a few as its range is beyond that of other bird of prey, using different countries to its needs for particular seasons. Scotland is a major hub for the Gyrfalcon as it provides great hunting opportunities for it. With its amazing range, the Gyrfalcon travels from Greenland, Scotland and Norway its range is extraordinary, even spending large quantities of time on sea.